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Rick DeStefane
Rick DeStefaneOwner and President, Reliant Care Group, LLC

A serial entrepreneur and passionate employer, Rick DeStefane is a leading executive in the long-term healthcare management industry in the Midwest. Rick owns over 60 businesses, including Reliant Care Group, LLC and Reliant Care Management Company, both of which are comprised of numerous long-term care nursing facilities throughout Missouri. The Reliant network of companies consists of over 4,000 employees with annual revenue of nearly $200 million.

Rick DeStefane is committed to assisting vulnerable populations, and his facilities are dedicated to serving the elderly population as well as developmentally disabled adults. In both types of facilities, which serve approximately 2,500 residents, Rick strives to offer residents the opportunity to live fuller, more well-adjusted lives. His programs focus on maximizing resident freedoms and caring services. Because of Rick’s belief that all patients deserve quality care, Reliant routinely accepts patients with serious mental and behavioral issues that other caregivers have refused to treat.

Rick DeStefane founded his first business at age 10 when he began cutting his neighbors’ grass. That experience kicked off a lifelong commitment to entrepreneurship. Rick has always been driven by identifying industry gaps and taking advantage of untapped market opportunities. He is most intrigued by opportunities that include the ability to aid underserved citizens, a commitment that has fueled Reliant’s growth for the past 28 years.

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Empowering and Engaging Employees

Creating Efficient Operational Systems

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Recognizing Unprecedented Market Opportunities

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