The Herald-Whig writes about the excitement surrounding the season opener for the Hannibal Hoots and how fans were impressed with the first game.

It was the first impression the Hoots were giving to the Hannibal community before to their inaugural game and the first Prospect League game in Hannibal since the Cavemen suspended operations after the 2016 season

That was the message sent by Hoots owner Rick DeStefane, who gave a pregame speech to the 700-plus fans who attended the game.

DeStefane wanted to let the crowd know the Hoots isn’t just Hannibal’s team but also for the towns in the surrounding area. He also said he plans on baseball remaining in Hannibal for a while.

“I guarantee we will have baseball here for the next 40 years,” said DeStefane, drawing loud applause from the fans.

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