“I” to “We:” 7 Steps to Gathering Your Team Around a Common Goal

I’ve said it many times, and I know I’m not alone: nobody in business gets anywhere without know how to build a great team. It’s the most important skill to have, and it translates across all industries–there aren’t any successes that happen in a vacuum. “No man is an island” was a phrase coined several centuries ago, and while prose poet John Donne may have never put a corporate task force together, he certainly knew what he was talking about back in 1624.

At its best, a team is a group of disparate minds acting as one. More realistically, it takes some time to bring a group of people together towards a common goal. Whether building a team to run your business, or a more short term project, it’s paramount to put these pieces together to generate the best outcomes for you and your organization.

These steps to building a great team follow what I like to call the “7 Characteristics of Culture.” I’ve observed and refined these rules through decades of entrepreneurship: seeing what works and what doesn’t over the 100+ businesses I’ve created and nurtured over the years. Following these factors has enabled me to empower my employees and accomplish far-reaching goals, and can do the same for others across all industries. It’s what keeps successful businesses running.

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