Want to Succeed in Business? Mediocre Won’t Cut It.

Studies show that around 90% of new entrepreneurial ventures end up failing. While it's inspiring to see the next generation of entrepreneurs enter the business world, they face more competition now than ever.   When I decided to take the path into entrepreneurship in my youth, I could only imagine that at this point in [...]

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Rick DeStefane on Thrive Global

"I" to "We:" 7 Steps to Gathering Your Team Around a Common Goal I’ve said it many times, and I know I’m not alone: nobody in business gets anywhere without know how to build a great team. It’s the most important skill to have, and it translates across all industries--there aren’t any successes that happen [...]

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You’re Only as Good as Your Team

Great minds make for great ideas, but what about executing those ideas and making them real? It’s never a one-person job: it takes teamwork. No person in business is a success without the work of others, and every great leader is only as great as the team they’ve assembled to make their dreams into reality. [...]

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